Welcome to The Mommy Chronicles Group!

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It’s only fair to share…We would like to welcome you to our blog! Our passion is our families and over the years we have been through the struggles of the ins and outs of raising children (some with disabilities), working 

Top 10 Baby Must-Haves

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It’s only fair to share…When having your first baby, it can be hard to know what all you are going to need. You could look through reviews or ask your mom, but that takes a lot of time and honestly, 

Why Water is Healthy For You and How You Can Drink More

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It’s only fair to share…Water challenge! Today, I challenge you to drink more water. Water is one of the most abundant resources that we have, yet many of us struggle to drink enough of it everyday. I am guilty of 

Having Teenage Boys is Awesome, and Here is Why

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It’s only fair to share…If you have ever watched a movie about having teenage boys, you will see that they are loud, messy, and smelly. All of this is true, with a heavy dash of danger mixed in. However, there 

6 Tips for Handling Big Changes When You Have Kids

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It’s only fair to share…Big changes happen in every family. Maybe you’re having another baby, you’re going back to work, moving to a new house, or your partner makes a huge job change. Kids notice these big changes, even toddlers, 

My Child Has Learning Disabilities, Now What Do I Do?

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It’s only fair to share…When you have children, there are times that you just know something is not right. I had this feeling while doing school with my daughter. I knew that things should not be this hard for her. 

Last Minute Things to Do with Groupon

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It’s only fair to share…Last Minute Things to Do with Groupon This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. It’s only fair to share…

5 Messy Play Activities That Your Kids Will Love… And So Will You!

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messy play

It’s only fair to share…Messy play is one of the best ways to get children involved in their worlds. I love doing messy play with my kids and try to do it about once a week. This could include elaborate 

You Want to Talk About What?? Children and Politics

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It’s only fair to share…Most people have very deep-seated views on how the government should work. Our family is no different. My fiancé and I have many conversations about politics; what we agree on and what we disagree on. Sometimes 

B3 Gallery: A Place of Beauty

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It’s only fair to share…A friend and I went on a friend date to the wonderful city of Nashville, Indiana. While there, we stopped into a brilliant shop called B3 Gallery. We got to know one of the three owners, 

Century Suites in Bloomington Indiana

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It’s only fair to share…This is an honest review. All opinions are my own. My friend and I went on a venture to find luxury, fun, and mommy time out. Our first venture was to Bloomington, IN at Century Suites. 

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