Welcome to The Mommy Chronicles Group!

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It’s only fair to share…We would like to welcome you to our blog! Our passion is our families and over the years we have been through the struggles of the ins and outs of raising children (some with disabilities), working 

Parenting Special Needs When You Have Anxiety

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Parenting special needs when you have anxiety doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems. Here are a few tips and a little humor to get you through!

It’s only fair to share…Our blog focuses on helping those, like us, who have someone with special needs in their lives. One topic that isn’t touched on much, as far as I’ve seen online, is something personal for parents or 

What Having Pets Can Teach Your Kids! Did You Know?

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It’s only fair to share…My kids love animals. They love them so much, they want to bring them all into our house. I swear, my kids would bring home elephants and komodo dragons if I would let them. While we 

7 Fall-tacular Activites for Fall Break To Prevent Boredom

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It’s only fair to share…Fall is just around the corner, and I am so excited. I can already feel the chilly air and smell the crisp scent of leaves. You know what else fall means? Fall break! I know some 

6 Fun Filled Tween Birthday Party Themes

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It’s only fair to share…Everyone loves good birthday party themes! The thing is, though, that as our children get older, their birthday parties get harder to plan. As my daughter’s 10th birthday quickly approaches, I am racking my brain for 

5 Things That Surprised Me the Most about Breastfeeding

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It’s only fair to share…While I was pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding, I was convinced that it was going to be just amazing. As I sat in the hospital, holding my daughter, I realized that there were some things I 

5 Unique ADHD Symptoms: Could Your Child Have ADHD?

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It’s only fair to share…More children than ever are being diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If this is an unfamiliar term to you, you may not be aware of the symptoms associated with this disorder. You may 

10 Most Important Items for Breastfeeding from a Breastfeeding Mom

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It’s only fair to share…Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful thing if it is what you choose to do. The bonding is amazing and it gives you all the excuses to hold and snuggle that baby. I loved being able to 

Your Children are in Danger of Pedophiles! Are You Aware?

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It’s only fair to share…As a mom myself, I do everything I can to protect my child from getting hurt. Bad people, pedophiles, and kidnappers are rampant. With top technology and the capability of being able to connect with your 

7 Parenting Milestones We Can All Look Forward To

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milestone feature

It’s only fair to share…As parents, we have an amazing job to help shape our children into the adults they one day will be. We all like to talk about the milestones our babies achieve, and those are so exciting! 

You’re a mom, but you don’t have to look like one. Thrifty Makeup Tips! (SHARE A SALE)

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It’s only fair to share…We are all aware that being a Mommy means our children and husbands come before us. When are left looking like a Mommy monster, our kids are ready, put together, and looking amazing. When everyone else 

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